Thursday, May 28, 2009

What inspires YOU?

I find that I am inspired when I think out of the box. For example, what if we took all that black grosgrain ribbon and made ribbon ties on the silver shower curtain. Or, how about stenciling metallic silver chandeliers on purple walls? What about crocheting with wire?

I love wearing my crocheted wire bracelets with flip flops and jeans. Once I wore a crocheted wire bracelet to a wedding and was amazed at the buzz it created. The bracelet can be fun and funky as well as dressy and extravagant.

The chandelier stencils pictured in this bathroom were purchased from an awesome Etsy shop called Check it out! She does custom orders as well.


  1. Love the bathroom! Looks like something you'd find in France!

  2. Thanks Malibu! That was my goal. : )