Friday, February 26, 2010

Somebody Please Make It Warm So I Can Stop EATING!

I actually found a half eaten a piece of provolone cheese in my purse. I'm like an alcoholic that finds herself lying in the alley at dawn. Can somebody please make it warm, I need a popsicle, my gardening gloves and a tan! All I'm growing now is hair on my upper lip and I have no desire to see my Avon lady - Can somebody PLEASE make it warm?

Disillusioned in the Midwest - Ree

Is It Summer Yet?

HOLY COW we're suffering from MAJOR cabin fever. This weather is making me CRAZY! In order to avoid going crazy, I went to mom's to create some stuff. I packed up my kit and daughter and drove 13 miles to "play jewelry" with mom. That is such a highlight for me. For whatever reason, my creative juices don't flow very well at home - maybe is the weather, or the million interruptions (ha), I don't know. But go to mom's house and it's all there : ) Thanks mom!

These carnelian earrings are a product of my play date with mom; they totally remind me of summer. My daughter has been asking me everyday when it is spring? HA - spring in Chicago is usually a BLIP on the calender. Here's a pair mom made - Spring BEE - can you tell we've got warm weather on our minds??

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hearts for Haiti

Hearts for Haiti is an Etsy collective of hundreds of Etsy shops who have generously donated items to raise money so we can assist the relief efforts in Haiti. As of Sunday 2/7 they have raise OVER $28,000 for Doctors Without Borders. This shop has permission to use the Doctors Without Borders name and a separate bank account and PayPal account have been opened to maintain the integrity of this shop. This is an amazing opportunity to either make a donation/purchase OR donate one of your handmade items to their shop. God bless Haiti and all those who support her during these terrible times. This beautiful Haiti Heart pin was donated by SandhraLee's Etsy shop and can be purchased at Hearts for Haiti.

Monday, February 8, 2010

BEE Mine!

Is this a cool charm bracelet or what?? We call it BEE MINE - ha! It's currently on sale at The Jul-Ree Box for $22.00. Mention BLOGSPOT in the note to seller and you'll get FREE SHIPPING! We will reimburse you the shipping costs via Pay Pal.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Julia & Marie