Friday, April 2, 2010

Mother's Day

What a great holiday to celebrate the one's that give (or gave) of their lives on behalf of their children. Now that I am a mother, I really see all the sacrifices my mom made for me first hand. Not that I was unappreciative before, it's just that first hand experience always shines new light on things. For example, NO SLEEP. My kids are not infants anymore, not toddlers either... BUT for whatever reason each has to wake us up from a dead sleep at least once every night. Sometimes I get so worked up before I go to bed thinking they're going to freak me out with their wide eyes next to mine I can't GO to sleep. I've been trying this new natural stress reliever lozenge called "Bach's Rescue Remedy" - WOW. It really help's take the edge off my nerves and allows me to go to sleep quicker than before. I would HIGHLY recommend it. It's all natural - so no side effects... just results. I got mine at The Fruitful Yield, a health food store in my neighborhood. To all you mom's out there - hope you have a wonderful Mother's day filled with everyone you love and some peaceful slumber. And thank YOU mom for putting up with me at night. xo

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